The Cry

William McDowell, Integrity Music - September 24, 2019
Brand: Integrity Music
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Gospel, Praise & Worship

There's a sound being released that's like no other. It is a cry of a generation with a heart longing for God. This sound transcends race, age and denomination. Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter Pastor William McDowell along with friends captured this sound during an unforgettable night of worship in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Thousands gathered for the birthing of new songs that spiritually ushered all that were there into Deep Places. Full of new songs for the church: "The Cry" is the sound that is rising from earth and heaven is responding. 

1. Prelude to Encounter
2. Give Him Praises
3. Nothing's Impossible
4. Finished Work (Feat. Daniel Johnson)
5. Even Now (Feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard)
6. The Cry
7. How Great (Feat. Yolanda Adams)
8. Still Moving
9. Here Comes the Glory/Here Comes Heaven (Feat. David & Nicole Binion)
10. Stay
11. Loss for Words (Feat. Trinity Anderson & Queenija Morris)
12. Nothing Like Your Presence (Feat. Travis Greene & Nathaniel Bassey)
13. I Don't Wanna Leave (Single Version)

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