Heart In Motion (30th Anniversary Edition)

Amy Grant, Capitol - July 9, 2021
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Pop

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic album HEART IN MOTION. The smash album from Amy Grant launched her career to new heights and introduced the world to the hits "Baby Baby," "Every Heartbeat," "That's What Love Is For," and many more. To celebrate this milestone, Amy has unlocked the vault and is releasing some never before released tracks, updated remixes, and so much more!

1. Good For Me
2. Baby Baby
3. Every Heartbeat
4. That’s What Love Is For
5. Ask Me
6. Galileo
7. You’re Not Alone
8. Hats
9. I Will Remember You
10. How Can We See That Far
11. Hope Set High

1. Don’t Ever Want to Lose It (Wind In The Fire)*
2. Stand By Me*
3. Heart In Motion Medley
4. Good For Me (Demo)
5. Baby Baby (7 inch Heart In Motion mix)
6. Every Heartbeat (Steve Bishir edit)
7. That’s What Love Is For (Demo)
8. Ask Me (7 inch Mix)
9. Baby Baby (12″ Heart In Motion Mix)
10. Galileo (Rough Mix)
11. I Will Remember You (Rhythm mix)
12. Good For Me (12″ So Good mix)
13. Every Heartbeat (Heart and Soul edit)
14. Day And Night*
15. Baby Baby (7″ No Getting Over You mix)
16. Good For Me (12″ mix)

*New tracks

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