Streaming Licenses

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Daywind Soundtracks has been blessed for many years to produce and distribute quality music for its customers to utilize in many ways. With the everchanging platforms where music and performances can be shared, more attention has been brought to copyrights and the permissions required to utilize pre-recorded music on streaming and social platforms. As you may already know, video streaming any musical performances using soundtracks without the danger of these performances being flagged, muted, or taken down requires a streaming license.

To obtain a streaming license for Daywind Soundtracks is extremely easy. Simply call our office at 1-800-635-9581 or visit our online store at Churches may have purchased a streaming plus license through CCLI this year. Unfortunately, due to reporting issues and technical limitations, Daywind’s soundtracks are no longer covered under the CCLI Streaming Plus license. A license for one-time performance or annual video streaming will need to be obtained through Daywind. This will allow us to service each one of you personally and make sure all your needs are covered.

We apologize for any inconvenience or added expense to you that may result from this change, but we look forward to helping navigate these copyright issues. Please do not hesitate to ask us any question pertaining to your licensing needs. 1-800-635-9581