Appalachian Road Show, Billy Blue Records - March 27, 2020
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Bluegrass
Group: March 27

Bluegrass super-group Appalachian Road Show returns with a new record, 'Tribulation.' Through new-generation interpretations of traditional roots music, the group boldly chronicles the shared struggles, perseverance, and traditions of America's Appalachian region. Centered around community and its connection to heritage, 'Tribulation' encourages cross-cultural empathy and emotional support to not lose hope in times of trouble. The first single, "Goin' To Bring Her Back," is quickly rising up the Bluegrass charts.

1. The Spirit of Appalachia (Spoken Word)
2. Don’t Want to Die in the Storm
3. Goin’ To Bring Her Back
4. Sales Tax on the Women
5. Wish the Wars were all Over
6. Wars Torn Asunder (Spoken Word)
7. Goin’ Across the Mountain
8. The Appalachian Road
9. Gospel Train
10. The Old World & New Sounds (Spoken Word)
11. Beneath That Willow Tree
12. 99 Years and One Dark Day
13. Hard Times Come Again No More
14. Hardship, Hope, and the Enduring Spirit of Appalachia (Spoken Word)
15. Rev. Jasper Davis – Old Time Preaching on Tribulations (Spoken Word)
16. Tribulations

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