Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Billy Blue Records - June 25, 2021
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Bluegrass

"In preparing to make a record, there's a good deal of time spent on song selection, and during the process, an idea for the title usually comes along. While driving home from the studio one evening, I was listening to what we had done up to that point, and it occurred to me that it was a "roundtable" recording. The idea grew from the different lead vocals heard throughout the project. The conversation at rehearsal was "Matt, I want you to sing the lead on 'Between the Lines' and 'Jerry, you wrote this one, take the lead on it'." Similarly, I heard Eli's voice for a particular song and Ben was perfect for the track on which he sang lead. In essence, it was like a roundtable discussion with everyone taking their place at the lead, so that's what I ran with. Put this in your CD player and enjoy a roundtable discussion in melody and harmony."

1. I’ll Take The Lonesome Every Time
2. You Ain’t Heard Lonesome Yet
3. Old Man Winter
4. Would You Carry Me
5. Lazy Whipporwill
6. Every Now And Then
7. Long Time Lonesome
8. In Those Days
9. Between The Lines
10. Sad Attack
11. That Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore
12. A Little More Faith In Jesus

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