More Power To Ya LP (Blue Vinyl+Poster)

Petra, Girder Music - August 12, 2022
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock

Petra got it's start in 1972 as one of the pioneers of Christian Rock. Now 20 albums later with 4 GrammysT and 10 Dove AwardsT, they are the World's Most Popular Christian Rock Band. Even Stryper fans would never enter into a debate on who the greatest Christian Rock Band of all time was. Although Stryper may have been large in the mainstream, no one came close to Petra in the Christian circuit selling 10 MILLION records and selling out large capacity arenas. Their impact was as undeniable as their music. Their albums More Power to Ya, Beat the System, and This Means War! Rock like none other and were clear defining moments for a band that just a few albums earlier had everyone convinced that they would be a status-quo CCM act. Nothing was further from the truth. As Petra soared to new heights with Greg X. Volz, Bob Hartman and Louie Weaver, More Power to Ya was THAT defining album that broke down all the barriers of what an effective ministry focused rock band could be, embracing backward masking (If you know, you know). Look no further than the powerful rockers "Second Wind" and "Judas' Kiss" for songs that defined a generation.

1. Stand Up
2. Second Wind
3. More Power to Ya
4. Judas' Kiss
5. Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
6. Run for the Prize
7. All Over Me
8. Let Everything that Hath Breath
9. Road to Zion
10. Disciple

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