Keep Movin Along EP

The Perrys, Provident - October 29, 2019
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Southern Gospel

We all face hardships and tragedies, but it’s our hope in Christ that allows us to Keep Movin’ Along. This timeless truth is one that The Perrys know very well as they have recorded their first album without the strength and presence of beloved bass singer Tracy Stuffle. Despite this change, Keep Movin’ Along has everything we’ve come to expect from The Perrys: big ballads, convention songs, crowd pleasers and the Gospel message. Get out your hankie for the title song, which is a convention-style song from the Stamps-Baxter songbook. Written by William Combs in 1945, “Keep Movin’ Along” was one of the songs that brought Southern Gospel Music to the forefront as a genre. 

1. It Never Gets Old 
2. Walk Me Through 
3. Take You To the Cross
4. Thats How You Know
5. Tailor Made 
6. Never a Time
7. Keep Movin Along

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