Blue Skies

Perrys - February 22, 2011
Genre: Southern Gospel

Continuing in the tradition of great music, The Perrys' latest release Blue Skies, promises to be yet another chapter in the group's rich history.

Featuring writers Kyla Rowland, Joel Lindsey, and The Perrys' own Joseph Habedank, this project provides listeners with song after song of beautiful lyrics heavy with the message of the the gospel. With songs like "Blue Skies Coming", "I Know What I'm Singing About", and "Grace Doesn't Remember", Blue Skies is sure to be an instant favourite among fans.

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Song Title Artist Time Price
Blue Skies Coming Perrys
Grace Doesn't Remeber Perrys
His Love Lights The Way Perrys
Celebrate Me Home Perrys
Nothing Was Burned Perrys
Rejoice, Children, Rejoice Perrys
Sounds Good TO me Perrys
He Loves To Save Perrys
Every Time I Need Him Perrys
I Know What I'm Singing About Perrys
The End Of The Aisle Perrys