The Vital Worship Collection (Split Track)

Various Artists - November 3, 2005
Genre: Praise & Worship

CD 1
Oh That People Everywhere
My Life Is In You Lord
How Great Thou Art
Wonderful, Merciful Savior
I Bless Your Name
Mighty And Victorious
As The Deer
One Word
Jesus, Jesus
Breath Of Life To Me
All Things Are Possible
I Love The Lord

CD 2
Days of Elijah
Psalm 100
High And Lifted Up
I Love You, Lord
Greater Is He
Enter Into His Presence
You’re Moving In Me
Cleanser Of My Soul
Long As I’ve Got King Jesus
It’s My Desire To Praise Him
Kiss Of Heaven

CD 3
Open The Doors
I Can Only Imagine
We Will Know Joy
Come, Holy Spirit
Inhabit The Praise
Give Thanks
God Will Make A Way
He Will Carry You
Through The Fire
Shout To The Lord
Let The Redeemed
Shine Jesus Shine

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The purchase of this accompaniment track is for the sole use of the customer purchasing it. You may use it for performance in any live setting. Copyright law requires a license for recording or online streaming of performances for both the use of the songs themselves (contact for livestreaming a church service and 800-635-9581 for recording) as well as the accompaniment track music (contact 800-635-9581). Through July 31, 2020, given the pandemic, Daywind is offering gratis rights to sing with its tracks in a small church or Sunday School environment via video conferencing services like Zoom and webex for calls up to 25 participants. Licenses for larger groups or other livestream settings are available by calling 800-635-9581. Recordings of these streamed groups or services is prohibited.
Song Title Artist Time Price
Oh That People Everywhere Various Artists
Split Track Various Artists
How Great Thou Art Various Artists
Wonderful, Merciful Saviour Various Artists
I Bless Your Name Various Artists
Mighty And Victorious Various Artists
As The Deer Various Artists
One Word Various Artists
Days Of Elijah Various Artists
Psalm 100 Various Artists
High And Lifted Up Various Artists
I Love You, Lord Various Artists
Greater Is He Various Artists
Enter Into His Presence Various Artists
Breathe Various Artists
You're Moving In Me Various Artists
Open The Doors Various Artists
I Can Only Imagine Various Artists
We Will Know Joy Various Artists
Come, Holy Spirit Various Artists
Inhabit the Praise Various Artists
Give Thanks Various Artists
God Will Make A Way Various Artists
He Will Carry You Various Artists
Through The Fire Various Artists