Bibleman: Pulverizing The Plans of The Prince Of Pride (DVD)

P23 Entertainment - April 2, 2020
Format: DVD

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Product Description

Join Bibleman and His Team on Four Exciting Animated Adventures!

Episode 1. Pulverizing the Plans of the Prince of Pride (An Adventure in Humility)
With his latest invention, the Ego Boost Ray, the Prince of Pride and his dull henchman are turning middle-school Champion Mathlete, Becky Thomas, into a painfully proud person. Can the Bible team reverse the effect by using their Containment Protocol Jericho? It’s a battle-royale!
Bible story: Sit in a lower seat. Key Verse: Luke 14:11

Episode 2. A Stand for Jesus Foils Dr. Fear (An Adventure in Witnessing)
Tyler is a talented athlete and looks forward to speaking for the Lord at Bibleman’s “Faith Night” event. It’s the first-ever baseball game at the new Slugger’s Field, so of course, Dr. Fear has targeted Tyler in hopes of ruining his testimony in the 7th inning stretch. Wait, is that Carlos Pena?
Bible story: Road to Emmaus. Key verse: 1 Thessalonians 2:4

Episode 3. Getting Right Wrecks the Ronin of Wrong (An Adventure in Righteousness)
Biblegirl’s sister married a Navy captain who often deploys for several months at time. With his dad away, Biblegirl’s young nephew Caden suddenly refuses to go to church, and starts hanging out with some tough boys. Bibleman suspects villainy. He’s right and proves the Ronin wrong.
Bible story: Cain & Abel. Key verse: 1 John 3:7

Episode 4. Bible Brigade Versus the Ambassador of Ignorance (An Adventure in The Bible)
Beware of villains bearing gifts. Somebody left a big box of brand new tablet devices at Mount Carmel Church for the Bible Brigade team, but the Ambassador of Ignorance installed a Memory Scrambler app on those devices. Will KT and Bibleman figure it out in time?
Bible story: Peter & Cornelius. Key verse: Hebrews 10:16