Bibleman Mini Figures

P23 - January 5, 2018

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Product Description

Collect each Bibleman (TM) mini figure, and build a heroic new adventure!

A case includes 36 blind-packed mini figures, each with a four-color trading card from series 1. The collectible card contains information on the character. Villain cards include Scriptures on how they can be defeated using the power of God's Word.

Figures are compatible with other popular building bricks and perfect for recreating your favorite Bibleman (TM) adventures. Possible characters include:

• Bibleman (TM)

• Mystery Figure

• Biblegirl

• Cypher

• Melody

• Baroness

• Crusher

• Dr. Fear

• Luxor Spawndroth

• Master of Mean

• Ronin of Wrong

• Mayor of Maybe