My Book of Catholic Prayers

Shining Light Dolls - December 20, 2023
Book Format: Boardbook


UPC # 850042028827

Product Description

My Book of Catholic Prayers is a beautiful, colorful collection of traditional Catholic prayers for- everyone! Printed on high quality thick paperboard for durability and ease of use. The book is 3" x 6" (an adorable pocket size perfect for a bag, backpack, purse, nightstand, etc!) and contains 14 prayers every Catholic should keep handy!

They include: The Our Father, The Hail Mary, Glory Be (Doxology), Prayer to you Guardian Angel, The Memorare, The Salve Regina, Prayer to St. Michael, Anima Christi, Apostles' Creed, Prayer for Eternal Rest, Act of Contrition, Grace Before Meals, and Grace After Meals.