Fight For Her

Plumb, Good Times/Street Talk - September 4, 2018
ISBN-13: 9780990617235
Book Format: Paperback

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Product Description

Fight for Her is a moving challenge to women of all ages to fight for each other... even if that means fighting WITH each other. With love. With hope. And with bucket loads of grace.

Drawn from the generational lessons of both being and having a daughter, in each chapter Plumb explores fundamental questions and issues every girl and woman face with both depth and levity. Her sense of humor and down to earth life lessons draw us to hold on to Jesus and each other with full hearts, wanting the best for each other. With thoughtful questions in every chapter, FIGHT FOR HER offers an empowering, encouraging and enriching read both as a standalone book and small group discussion.

For the big dreams and the beautiful spirit that you have and for those places where you have been broken and bent by life. Those are the places I'm most drawn to and the places I see God at work.

I believe that in life's darkest moments, bright hope can shine through. It can spring up in the middle of great suffering and brokenness...and when it does? It is breathtakingly beautiful. I can say that because I've been broken and bent myself. The God of the universe stepped in and surrounded me with His love, reminding me each time that I am His daughter and that He will never leave me or forsake me. This is hope upon hope upon hope.

We are all His daughters, created and loved by the God of the universe. He has fought for us and will never stop. Some of us just don't know it or believe it yet. Maybe you don't know it yet. But God has shown up in the most beautiful ways in the darkest of times. He has fought for me. And He is fighting for you because He doesn't just have hope for me.

He has hope for you and for every single life that He touches. And in that place of hope, is where this book begins.