Color With Music: America The Beautiful (With CD)

Various, Newbourne Media - July 29, 2016
ISBN-13: 9781988137483
Book Format: Paperback
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive

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UPC # 9781988137483

Product Description

Color With Music is a Brand New Adult Coloring Book Series. It's the first coloring book for adults to include a bonus music CD to listen to while coloring. Each Color With Music adult coloring book includes:

  • 48 SINGLE SIDED DETAILED IMAGES: Designs and images inspired by the American landscape printed on high quality paper - perfect for coloring pencils, markers or crayons
  • A MUSIC CD: With patriotic music to match this great american themed coloring book
  • A PROTECTIVE INLAY CARD: Acts as a tablet for a smooth coloring surface while protecting the sheets beneath from any marks or indents
  • TOP-BOUND BINDING: Makes our coloring books perfect for right handed and left handed artists
  • DETACHABLE PAGES: Perfect for easy framing and sharing 

The Color With Music Adult Colouring Book series is the perfect adult coloring book set. With an included relaxation cd you can listen to soothing and calming music while you color in the detailed images.

Sometimes referred to as grown up coloring books, or coloring books for grownups the Color With Music series of adult coloring books stress relieving patterns has a number of different themed coloring books in the collection. Be sure to check out the entire Color With Music collection of coloring books for adults. Don't forget to bring your Color With Music book with you when you travel. Each book is 8 x 8 so it will fit perfectly in your bag making it the perfect adult coloring book travel size.