Bible Puzzles

Brain Games, Phoenix Publications International - August 11, 2016
ISBN-13: 9781605531571
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Format: Book
Group: Educational

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Product Description

Brain Games: Bible Puzzles offers an entertaining way to showcase your Bible knowledge and also give your brain a boost. The book, part of the hugely popular Brain Games series, is filled with an array of puzzle types that are designed to stimulate different parts of your brain so that it remains strong and healthy. You'll enjoy brain-builders such as word searches of Biblical terms, anagrams about the books of the Bible, and a Bible trivia challenge.

We all know that puzzles are fun to solve. But working a crossword puzzle or finding your way through a twisting maze has more benefits than you might think. Brain Games: Bible Puzzles is designed to make you feel the burn (mentally, of course) by working different cognitive functions:
Spatial reasoning
Visual logic

Divided into five levels, the book's nearly 200 puzzles progress from easy to difficult. All the mental exercises in Brain Games: Bible Puzzles are Bible-related and are sure to provide hours of enjoyment.