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Prayer & Praise Corner

Knowing that prayer is the answer to all of our needs, Betty Smith has been encouraging bookstores to pray for each other.  Over the past two years, we have received numerous praise reports from stores on what God is doing in their personal lives and businesses. Please feel free to call Betty anytime day or night with your prayer needs at 615.906.9798, or you can call New Day and leave a message on our prayer line and Betty will call you back. 

Dottie Leonard Miller, New Day’s owner and founder, believes it will encourage us all if we share these wonderful praise reports, with names removed, of course. Each month we will be posting praise reports on our new Prayer & Praise Corner at Be encouraged and pray for one another as we pray for all of you.

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Answered Prayer Requests

Several of our stores joined in to pray for each other last year, & as a result have committed to continuing on this year.  Here are some answers to prayer that you all have shared with Betty:

Updated 3-15-17

A lady broke her ankle and was not able to put any weight on it for four months, making it extremely difficult for her.  Betty & she prayed that she would receive healing.  Her son stepped in & took over the store for her.  After her son began working full time for her, she decided to retire and let him have the store permanently.  She plans to work on Tuesdays and her ankle has mended.  Everything worked perfectly for them.  She said it was a miracle.

Another lady said her daughter has graduated from high school.  She herself, has been married for 26 years.  Their business is good and they are planning to expand.  On top of that, she finds time to attend conferences, where she speaks.  She said they have had perfect blessings from the Lord and couldn't ask for more.  She considers it all a miracle.

Updated 3-8-17

One day Betty spoke to a lady of a store.  Her husband had prostate surgery that day & all turned out to be a perfect miracle.

Another lady had cancer and she received her healing.  She and Betty prayed it won't return.

Betty spoke with another lady & told her about the blood of Jesus.  That evening the lady went to her prayer group & told them about the blood.  She told Betty they were all blessed, received communion and were excited.

Another lady said she had a lot of anxiety.  When Betty told her about the blood, she said peace came to her.

A man Betty spoke with had not been feeling well.  After seeing his doctor, he was advised to have a procedure to heal his right carotid artery, where there was a blockage.  The surgery went perfectly.  He had some pain the first night; but after that, he began to feel much better and went right back to work.  He said it is a miracle.

A couple stepped out in faith and signed a three-year lease.  Things started going downhill.  They didn't know whether they should declare bankruptcy or not; but, God told them to stand.  So they followed his instruction and today are completely out of debt.  They are praising God for the miracle!

Updated 2-23-17

Betty prayed with a girl whose pregnant sister committed suicide.  Betty told her the first day they talked to call it a miracle because God would take care of her grief if she let him. She talked with her again 3 different times and each time, she was better.  She said she keeps working on it and He has helped through it all.  She felt the Lord was with her and she knew that as she surrendered, God delivered her from a heartbroken situation.

Another lady told Betty they had a prison in her town which added income to the community.  President Obama, while in office had the prisoners transferred to California, causing the prison & the hospital to close.  This led to terrific hardship in their town; but, through prayer, the prison & hospital reopened & the prisoners were sent back; thus, the economy began to flourish again. 

Another of you bought a new computer and from day one, it was a problem.  She wanted where she bought it from to give her a new computer without a hassle.  Shortly afterwards, and without any long interchange, they just agreed to give her a new one.  She was so thankful! 

One lady wanted prayer for her husband who was going in for shoulder surgery. The second time Betty spoke with her, she said her husband and had the surgery and was healed.  She said it was a miracle.

Another lady needed money to either get a new ar or to have their car fixed.  They received money after praying and found a car that they are really pleased with.  She is praising God for His answer.  She said she pleadedthe blood on her request and it worked.

Betty spoke to a man who asked that she pray for a woman whose retinas were detached in both eyes.  He said the doctors had done all they could.  When Betty called back, asking about the woman's situation, he told her the woman was healed.  He said she had 2 or 3 more operations and they all worked.  Praise God He restored her eyesight!  What a miracle!!


Many of you are thankful & praising God because it seems on the very day Betty calls, those are the days you are needing encouragement or prayer.  You can never underestimate the people God puts in your path to minister to.  :)

Betty is always praying for hundreds of people in our large prayer group, made up of so many bookstores.  Everyone needs prayer.  It is such an honor for her to pray for so many wonderful people, & how kind & loving all the people are who work in these stores.  All of you who pray each day for all the stores will be blessed because you are all messengers of God and He is very thankful for so many of you to reach out to one another.  Keep putting the blood of Jesus on everything.  REMEMBER: the blood of Jesus never loses a battle!  We all look forward to the rest of 2017!!  

Lots of Love!  
Betty Smith & the New Day Staff