Together For The Gospel Live IV

Sovereign Grace Music, Integrity Music - October 17, 2018
Brand: Integrity Music
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Choral, Hymns, Praise & Worship

The Together for the Gospel conference held in Louisville, KY every other year since 2006 is a gathering for pastors that focuses on celebrating our shared passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Similar to the first three T4G Live albums, Together for the Gospel Live IV sets that passion to song. It contains a variety of old and new hymns characterized by theologically driven lyrics and timeless melodies. Hymns are unique in their ability to provide doctrinal fuel for our emotional fire. They help us feel the truth, and can enable congregations of multiple generations to express their unity in the gospel. The only instrument you'll hear on this recording is a piano. The centerpiece is 12,000 voices lifting up praises to the only God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. We hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as we did singing them. More importantly, we'd like it best if you joined us in glorifying our glorious and gracious God whose mercies are never ending in the Savior.

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