The Next Chapter

Zak Williams & 1 Akord, Enon Music Group - April 2, 2020
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Gospel

Philadelphia based choir Zak Williams & 1/AKORD have returned after a 7-year break from recording. Frontman, director and founder Zak Williams is taking the choir to new heights musically and is innovative with his arrangements. Although creative with modern music, Zak ingeniously preserves the classic "Philly" Gospel sound that Gospel music consumers love and continue to request from 1/AKORD and choirs across the country.

1. Wonderful Jesus
2. Rejoice
3. He Reigns
4. Unpredictable God
5. He's All I Need
6. Mighty God
7. Mommy's Medley
8. Great Clap
9. You Oughta Praise Him
10. I'm Glad I Did

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