Jason Gray, Capitol Christian - August 16, 2019
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Contemporary, Pop

Order. Disorder. Reorder. Over and over and over. With his latest release, Jason Gray rolls out new music in a fashion never done before in the CCM genre. To best share the stories he’s been experiencing and learning recently, Gray will release the Order Disorder Reorder project in three volumes, giving each song room to breathe, giving us all time to pause and truly listen to each season. Because our ongoing transformation through Christ is only possible through all three.

First up is Order, a collection of five songs from the place of solid ground, when life’s directions make sense to our own understanding at the time. But there’s always more ahead….

1. Becoming
2. Maker Of Mornings (I Am Loved)
3. The Wonder
4. I'm Gonna Let It Go
5. Order Disorder Reorder

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