Need You Now (Deluxe Double Vinyl)

Plumb, Curb/Word Entertainment - April 11, 2018
Format: Vinyl
Genre: Contemporary, Pop, Rock

Plumb fans say her music brings hope and inspiration to their world. "It's the highest compliment. Fame and fortune are fleeting," says Plumb, "but making a difference in people's lives lasts for eternity." "I want to tackle the difficult subjects in life, because I want people to know that the hard times, just like a piece of coal, can be turned into a diamond." So confesses singer/songwriter Plumb, an artist whose music blends the complex, feminine poignancy of Suzanne Vega and Sarah McLachlan with the sophisticated, modern rock of Shirley Manson from Garbage or Amy Lee of Evanescence.

1. Invisible
2. Drifting (feat. Dan Haseltine)
3. Beautiful
4. One Drop
5. I Want You Here
6. Say Your Name
7. Unlovable
8. Need You Now (How Many Times)
9. Chocolate & Ice Cream
10. Don't Deserve You
11. Cage
12. At Arms Length
13. Starting Over
14. Fall Back In
15. Faithful
16. Lord I'm Ready Now
17. Don't Deserve You (Radio Mix)
18. Need You Now (How Many Times) (Worship Version)

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