Knocking Down My Idols

Bryann T, Nashville Label Group - December 13, 2019
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Rap & Hip-Hop

1. His Name (feat. Monica Hill Trejo)
2. Healed (feat. Monica Hill Trejo)
3. Spirit Filled
4. Hold On (feat. Antwoine Hill, 5ive & Moe Grant)
5. Watered Roots (feat. Young Bro)
6. In His Presence (feat. Arize & Skrip)
7. Fight For You (feat. Monica Hill Trejo)
8. Holy (feat. Moe Grant)
9. Till My Eyes Close (feat. KG Santiago)
10. Have I Not (feat. Eric Perales)
11. Nothing Before You (feat. Moe Grant & Bizzle)
12. Broken-Hearted/He Gave His Life (feat. Chris, Zee, Datin & Sevin Duece)
13. Hyssop (feat. Nino Salas & Jordan Lucio)
14. Life (feat. Moe Grant & Antwoine Hill)
15. Jesus (feat. EGR & Victorious)

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