L. Spenser Smith, Fair Trade Services - April 17, 2020
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Gospel, Praise & Worship

When an artist returns to the scene after a 5-year hiatus, they have got to come back swinging. L. Spenser Smith has done just that. “Hooked,” is sure to be another chart-topper for L. Spenser. The album consists of a fresh sound in Gospel Music, pulling together the old school and the new school. L. Spenser has created a beautiful art piece that will bring you to your knees in remembrance and then make you dance like you never have.

1. Home
2. Truth About Love
3. For Me (feat. The Hamiltones)
4. Love Like
5. Crazy
6. Rooted
7. Hooked (feat. Avery Sunshine)
8. Changed My Song
9. Saint’s Remorse
10. The Morning After
11. Forever Love
12. The Cross Alone

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