God of the Impossible (Deluxe)

Lincoln Brewster, Integrity Music - May 17, 2019
Brand: Integrity Music
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Contemporary, Pop

Renowned worship leader Lincoln Brewster’s tenth album, God of the Impossible, comes from a place of rediscovering what he knows to be true: Our Father holds it all, He is in complete control and nothing can separate us from His love. Produced by Colby Wedgeworth, Kyle Lee and Corbin Phillips, songs “No One Like Our God,” “Here I Am,” “Tidal Wave” and others remind us that God is bigger than anything we face. We need only surrender and fall into His grace. It is a theme that echoes throughout Lincoln’s life... from a childhood overshadowed by abuse, to a life filled with forgiveness and a ministry that has inspired believers around the globe.

1. Deep Down (Walk Through Fire)
2. Your Love Is Amazing
3. Turn It Around
4. While I Wait
5. Loyal
6. Amazing God
7. Here I Am
8. Everything
9. Higher
10. God Of The Impossible
11. No One Like Our God
12. Deep Down (Walk Through Fire) - Acoustic Bonus
13. Loyal – Acoustic Bonus
14. While I Wait – Acoustic Bonus
15. Relativity - Instrumental Bonus

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