Amazing Grace (Deluxe Collectors Edition Cd W/dvd)

Amazing Grace (Deluxe Collectors Edition Cd W/dvd)

Rance Allen Group, Tyscot Records (Taseis) - November 27, 2012

It's not easy to sum up a music career of over forty years regarding the legendary Rance Allen Group. For decades the brothers (Rance, Thomas & Steve) have been trailblazing musical groundbreakers since the '70s influencing countless artists of all genres; from the likes of HUEY LEWIS to KIRK FRANKLIN and many more still today!

To date, there has yet to be a definitive project that told the complete story, until now! Joining forces with Tyscot Music & Entertainment, the group has assembled an audio and visual collection that truly reveals their body of work, remarkable depth and contributions that have spanned over four decades. AMAZING GRACE Deluxe Collectors Edition CD w/Bonus DVD contains eleven newly recorded songs including the R&B classic "People Get Ready" to the world-renowned, deeply moving hymn and title track "Amazing Grace," of which the group recorded an additional rendition called "Amazing Grace (Down Home Version)."

This deluxe package also includes a mesmerizing 43 minute documentary DVD entitled Music Majors: The Rance Allen Group'. This documentary chronicles the group's journey from signing with the Stax imprint, Gospel Truth that was created just for them by Al Bell, up to present day as the flagship recording group for Tyscot Music & Entertainment. Music Majors: The Rance Allen Group documentary is filled with awe inspiring historical footage such as clips from the 1972 Wattstax concert in Los Angeles along with interview/comments from the group, siblings, their long-time manager, Tyscot executives and notable artists such as Kirk Franklin, Dorinda Clark Cole, James Fortune, Isaac Carree & others!

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