Praise & Arrows

Various - August 27, 2014
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Genre: Praise & Worship

Inspired by the novel this compilation album features All Sons and Daughters, Audio Adrenaline,Stellar Kart,Hawk Nelson, Trip Lee, Pillar, Kevin Max,Jason Walker, Canon, Deraj, Jeannie Ortega, People of the Earth, Kerrie Roberts, Alisa Turner and Jeremy Rosado.

The album reflects the heart and character of King David as portrayed in the Scriptures and the Lion of War series; specifically exploring the dichotomy of David the psalmist and David the warrior.

The title "Praise & Arrows" is a reference to the Mighty Men battle cry found in the Lion of War novels, Praise to our God and arrows to the enemy!

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Song Title Artist Time Price
Day of War - Stellar Kart
Praise And Arrows - Trip Lee Canon Deraj feat. Jeannie Ortega
Cave Of A Million Songs - Kevin Max
Psalm 121 - All Sons & Daughters
The Covering - Alisa Turner feat. Jason Walker
Strong Enough - Hawk Nelson
Prayer For A Warrior - Kerrie Roberts
Battle Cry - Jeremy Rosado
Lion Leads The Way - Pillar
2017 (Raise The Banner) - Audio Adrenaline
David's Song - People Of The Earth