Beautifully Broken

Plumb, Capitol - June 22, 2018
Format: Audio CD - Physical
Genre: Contemporary, Pop

Plumb returns with a full-length new album inspired by her daughter and an empowering vision of challenging the world for the safety, health, and hope of every daughter. With 2018 came the release of the single 'Beautifully Broken' written for the broken girl with a message that “we all need to know and be reminded that we are BEAUTIFUL & WORTHY. You and I...are BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN.” The song will also be featured in Big Film Factory's film sharing the same title in August 2018. 

1. Beautifully Broken
2. Impossible
3. Crazy About You
4. I Can Do This
5. Somebody Loves You
6. God Help Me
7. I'm Not Alone
8. Human
9. Fight For You
10. Acrobat
11. Sleepwalking

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