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Awake: Live (CD/DVD)

Josh Groban, Reprise - January 2, 2018
Format: Audio CD - Physical, DVD
Genre: Contemporary, Pop


1. Mai [Live]
2. February Song [Live]
3. In Her Eyes [Live]
4. So She Dances [Live]
5. Un Dia Llegara [Live]
6. Pearls [Duet With Angelique Kidjo] [Live]
7. Weeping [Live]
8. Machine [Live]
9. Awake [Live]


1. You Are Loved [Don't Give Up] [Live] (video)
2. Mai [Live] (video)
3. Un Dia Llegara [Live] (video)
4. Un Giorno Per Noi [Live] (video)
5. Now Or Never [Live] (video)
6. So She Dances [Live] (video)
7. February Song [Live] (video)
8. Alla Luce Del Sole [Live] (video)
9. Aurora [Excerpt From The Sibelius Violin Concerto] [Lucia Micarelli] [Live] (video)
10. Kashmir - Lucia Micarelli Solo [Live] (video)
11. In Her Eyes [Live] (video)
12. Pearls [Duet With Angelique Kidjo] [Live] (video)
13. L'ultima Notte [Live] (video)
14. Remember When It Rained [Live] (video)
15. Lullaby [Live] (video)
16. Weeping [Live] (video)
17. Machine [Live] (video)
18. Canto Alla Vita [Live] (video)
19. You Raise Me Up [Live] (video)
20. Awake [Live] (video)

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