30 Traditional Bluegrass Gospel Power Picks

Various, RURAL Rhythm - March 18, 2016
Genre: Bluegrass

1. I Like To Hear Them Preach It (Red White)
2. Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley (Jim Greer)
3. Prayer Bells Of Heaven (J.D. Jarvis)
4. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (House Brothers)
5. Lonely Tombs (Hylo Brown)
6. Gloryland Way (Lillie Mae Whittaker)
7. I m Going To Make Heaven My Home (Red White)
8. Victory (Bobby Smith)
9. Mathew 24 (J.D. Jarvis)
10. Wayfaring Stranger (Hylo Brown)
11. Somebody Touched Me (House Brothers)
12. Where You Gonna Hide? (J.E. Mainer (With Morris Herbert)
13. A Beautiful Life (Happy Land Gospel Singers)
14. You Got To Move (J.D. Jarvis & Rusty York)
15. What Would You Give In Exchange (Red White)
16. Walking Cane (Hylo Brown)
17. When Paul & Silas Were In Jail (House Brothers)
18. I Found The Man (Lillie Mae Whittaker)
19. Walking In The Light Of The Lord (Happy Land Gospel Singers)
20. The Pale Horse And His Rider (Red Smiley)
21. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies (J.D. Jarvis)
22. Methodist Pie (Hylo Brown)
23. The Cry From The Cross (Red White)
24. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again (House Brothers)
25. Oh Come, Angel Band (Blue Ridge Mountaineers)
26. Mansion In The Sky (J.D. Jarvis)
27. I ll Be No Stranger There (Happy Land Gospel Singers)
28. The Old Rugged Cross (Rusty York)
29. Let The Church Roll On (House Brothers)
30. You Go To Your Church (Red White)

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