The Waltons Season Eight

The Waltons, Warner Home Video Csr - January 26, 2010

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In Season Eight, war brings the family closer together, even as it sends them far apart. “The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son, John Walton, Jr., has been reported missing in action…” The telegram that every parent fears brings sudden heartache to the Walton family. But the penultimate season brings joy as well. Olivia returns home, her health restored. Ben and Cindy welcome another Walton into the world. Cousin Rose and her rambunctious grandchildren fill empty rooms in the Walton home. Mary Ellen and Erin challenge scoffing men in a horse race. Jim-Bob graduates from high school and makes a decision that fills the family with profound pride. And throughout the emotional season, all the Waltons pitch in to help the war effort, eager to defend their country… and to bring the Walton sons, each in uniform, safely home.