The Unlikely Good Samaritan

Capitol - March 11, 2019
Format: DVD

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Product Description

A story following two men, Chris Jennings, (Nathan Clarkson) a young and freshly married small-town pastor looking to make a name for himself and keep a secret hidden, and Sam Walker (Ruselis Perry) a newly released ex-convict with a hard past looking for a new lease on life. Each from different cultures, backgrounds, and life circumstances, but both looking for something more. We follow each of their stories as they interact with meaningful characters in their lives like Chris's new and dedicated wife Megan (Rachel Fenton), the overly religious and old fashioned church elder George (Stephen Fuller Austin), Sam's new girlfriend Ashley (Meggie Maddock), and his kindly, sage advice giving, bartender boss Jimmy (Eric Roberts). Eventually the men's paths cross in a dramatic and meaningful way causing each to reevaluate themselves, their prejudices, and their hearts.