The Intersection of Church & State

Vision Entertainment - February 17, 2016
Format: DVD

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The intersection where church and state meet in the United States is a busy juncture, with a long and fascinating history. This often controversial intersection and debates about how it should work date back to the time of the Founding Fathers. Regardless of how separate the two are in theory, the fact is church and state work together constantly. And they shine brightest when jointly addressing urgent, human needs such as poverty, hunger, disease, disaster, and political oppression.

The Intersection of Church & State/i> is a documentary that examines the dynamic give-and-take relationship that has marked the crossroads of church and state in this country. Though roadblocks are frequent, there is still tremendous potential for collaboration.

The Rev. Gregory P. Seltz, of The Lutheran Hour radio program, is our host for The Intersection of Church & State. Seitz assists viewers in understanding the multi-layered and sometimes contentious arguments that surround this issue. Despite the controversy, Seitz believes church-state cooperation is possible and that this cooperation can be a fruitful force for good.