Rogue Saints (Church License)

Word - May 10, 2018
Format: DVD


UPC # 818728010283

Product Description

The greatest church diamond heist, romance, comedy, drama, adventure you've ever seen.

When childhood friends Nick and Dylan run out of money, they remember the story of a huge diamond buried under a church and plot to dig it up without getting thrown in jail. To disguise their efforts, they volunteer for work at the church, but something about the church and its people begin to affect them. The roller coaster of drama, comedy, adventure and romance that ensues leads them to the discovery of a whole different kind of treasure. Rogue Saints is the directorial debut of Adam Lubanski (Interactive Graphic Designer for the Amazing Spiderman, Charlie's Angles, and more) and is a Christian film unlike anything you ve seen before. Your whole family is sure to enjoy it.