Anything Is Possible: Live In Nashville

Daywind - March 6, 2012

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Product Description

It's been three years since our last DVD and we are excited to bring you our brand new DVD, entitled Anything Is Possible. Recorded live in Nashville at Oak Tree Studios, this DVD features our most popular songs. We have included a few stories from the road and behind the scenes footage.

You'll enjoy favorites such as "For God So Loved," "I Believe" and "Long As I've Got King Jesus," and also get to hear why the recent #1 song, "Never Walk Alone," means so much personally to Brian. Also, listen as Bill tells why he arrived to dinner one night in a sheriff's car!

01. Anything Is Possible
02. As Long As I've Got King Jesus
03. Never Walk Alone
04. The Part Where You Come In
05. I Believe
06. Over The Horizon
07. You Must Have Met Him
08. Turn The Page
09. For God So Loved
10. God Will Close The Door