Art Class, Vol. 1 - 9 (Box Set)

See The Light - May 1, 2012

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Product Description

 This 9 volume DVD series contains 36 complete step-by-step tutoring lessons, taught by Master Artist Pat Knepley.

Pat Knepley’s warmth and engaging personality captures the attention of children, draws them into the learning process, and leads them through a successful drawing experience in every lesson.

Each lesson runs approximately 15 minutes and includes suggestions for follow-up drawing activities.

Art History is another feature of ART CLASS. Your children will become acquainted with the famous masterpieces of many artists.

Biblical truth is integrated into every lesson!


NO WORKBOOKS EVER! These lessons require only basic supplies (see below). Most lessons require only a piece of copy paper, a #2 pencil, and a good eraser.




For Art Supplies needed for a specific ART CLASS DVD, see detailed description of that individual ART CLASS DVD.

Supplies needed for almost all 36 Lessons of ART CLASS
Number #2 Pencil
Gray Kneaded eraser
White eraser
Pieces of 8½” by 11” Copy Paper
Pencil Sharpener

Additional Supplies needed for several of ART CLASS Lessons
11” by 14” white drawing paper
A black Sharpie marker
A set of 16 or more colored pencils
Drawing Pencil # 4B
Black or dark grey charcoal pencil
A set of chalk pastels – 16 or more is best
12” by 18” sheet of black paper (#30)
Basic set of crayons
A ruler

Supplies You Have Around the House
An old, but clean white sock (# 15)
Round items of different sizes to trace (#10, #11, # 21, #23 & #30)
Scraps of sandpaper, fabric, corrugated cardboard, etc. (#22)
An older nickel coin with Jefferson (# 34)
A pair of  shoes (# 31)
Frisbee, plastic, or paper dinner plate (# 30)