Toddler Action Songs

Toddler Action Songs

Provident - October 22, 2002

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Product Description

24 back-to-back music videos for kids, featuring live action sing-along! With both English and Spanish versions in stereo and split-track, this DVD will have your kids singing along with the variety of upbeat action songs. 39 minutes.

Song list:

  • Baby Bumblebee
  • When The Saints Go Marching In
  • Bill Grogan's Goat
  • What A Mighty God We Serve
  • I've Been Working On The Railroad
  • Clap Your Hands
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Exercise Hymn
  • I Love The Mountains
  • I'm Gonna Sing
  • Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great To Be Crazy?
  • Over In The Meadow
  • The Ants Go Marching
  • God Said It
  • Little Wheel A-Turning In My Heart
  • I'm Gonna Work
  • Mules
  • Hinges
  • Little Cabin In The Woods
  • Hush!
  • Somebody's Knockin' At Your Door
  • Two Little Blackbirds
  • John Brown's Baby
  • Wide, Wide As the Ocean