Silly Little Thing Called Love

Veggietales, Big Idea Recorded (B.i. Owned) VeggieTales - January 23, 2010
Brand: VeggieTales
Group: Valentine's Day

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Product Description

Featuring 3 classic stories of “true” love – with lessons in loving your neighbour (The Story Of Flibber-O-Loo), loving your family (Duke And The Great Pie War), and loving God (Madame Blueberry).

PLUS… funny and touching thoughts from the Veggie Kids (as voiced by real children) sharing their perspective on love as only kids can!

Also included are four “Silly Love Songs” from the popular Silly Song series – Endangered Love, I Love My Lips, The Bunny Song and The Cheeseburger Song – adding to this fun-filled Veggie expression of love.