Is God Great Debate: Christopher Hitchens & John Lennox

Fixed Point Foundation - June 14, 2010

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Asking the question "Is God great?" may seem strange to many. They argue that, in a time when people cannot even agree on God's existence, such a question seems presumptuous at the very least. But the issue continues to arise. "Is God Great?" sees two of the West's very best minds face off on the subject - Christopher Hitchens and Professor John Lennox. Hitchens, who made his opinion clear on the topic in 2007 with his book God Is Not Great, maintains not only that God fails to be great, but denies his existence entirely. Professor Lennox, a convinced Christian and scientist, respectfully disagrees. This event features a unique blend of both planned remarks and fast-paced dialogue that tackles these issues in a refreshing and informative light. Approx. 114 minutes.