Amazed By You + Shake Off The World (Double Feature)

Alliance - October 11, 2021
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Format: DVD

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Product Description

AMAZED BY YOU: When a "City Slicker" Christian Andrews (Aaron Mees, Christmas in the Pines) is thrown into a Cowboy World filled with five sisters, two bullies, a whole lot of cattle, one grungy dog, and a woman who runs it all... only his Faith will guide him through it. You'll be amazed by this charming story that celebrates life after loss.

SHAKE OFF THE WORLD: After rising High School football star Austin (Aaron Mees) is sidelined by his coach, a chain of events begin. As he navigates his new friends and family, Austin finds himself on a collision course with bullies at his new school. He realizes that "winning" the game of life is best accomplished through faith.