The Shepherd On The Search (CD only)

The Shepherd On The Search (CD only)

Various, Greg Lucid Entertainment - December 1, 2017
Format: Audio CD - Physical

Embark on a family journey and find Christ in Christmas! During the Advent season, begin reading the story of your shepherd's timeless journey in a beautifully illustrated interactive children's book, and let the fun begin every day as you hide your shepherd and your children find him in a new place along the search! The shepherd's journey begins anew every Christmas season and ends on Christmas day as your shepherd finds his way to the manger. Make meaningful Christmas memories as year after year your family delights in helping your cuddly shepherd re-tell the timeless story that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas. The Shepherd on the Search Children's Christmas Music & Reading CD: an inspiring combination of fun, praise, and meaningful activities. A wonderful way to keep Christ in Christmas.

*Shepherd plush not included.

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