Snoozies!®: Kiss Me (Large)

Snoozies!®: Kiss Me (Large)

Snoozies - January 24, 2020
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Product Description

Snoozies!® are not socks and they're not slippers - sort of a crossover between the two and that's why we call them "foot coverings"!
Snoozies!® are made with a brushed fleece exterior in colorful & fun printed patterns and then lined with a soft Sherpa fleece inside.
Snoozies!® are soft, comfy, warm, and just simply adorable - the newest foot coverings for your feet!
Each pair has a non skid sole so you can feel safe wearing them on wood or tile floors.
Snoozies!® keep feet warm even on the coldest of days! They work in warm climates too where air conditioning keeps floors cold.
Snoozies!® are fully machine washable and won't shrink!
Snoozies!® come in sizes for teens and women.