Scripture Cards: 101 Bible Verses for Moms

Christian Art Gifts - May 3, 2022

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Product Description

The 101 Bible Verses for Moms Cards in a Tin will encourage both new and seasoned mothers as they go about their busy day.

A tight-fitting lid with a pink and peach floral design set against a light blue background covers the coral pink body of the tin. A pink frame on the lid houses the title that is presented in black embossed and pink lettering.

The convenient size of this tin allows you to set it on a kitchen island or stow it in a purse for easy access and inspiration. You can even store them in your car glovebox to read before each carpool drive. The cards can be added to letters, used as placeholders in books, or put up around the house for inspiration and comfort.

Give this card set to a hardworking woman new to motherhood or a seasoned mom with several children. Perfect for Mother's Day or around the holidays, the 101 Bible Verses for Moms Cards in a Tin will show her just how much you appreciate her dedication to raising godly children.

  • Coral pink body with floral design on lid
  • 51 double-sided cards
  • Full-color print on both sides
  • 101 verses
  • Decorative embossed tin
  • Removable lid
  • Reusable tin
  • Card size: 2.83" x 2.83" (72 x 72 mm)
  • Tin size: 1.3" x 3.3" x 3.3" (33 x 84 x 84mm)