Purple Ombre Miraculous Medal Bracelet (Size 2)

Purple Ombre Miraculous Medal Bracelet (Size 2)

Chews Life - December 13, 2017


UPC # 731132304529

Product Description

Size 2 - 12 beads

This simple, unique piece reminds us that Mama Mary is always near, waiting for us to call. Soft, chewable bracelets are made of food-grade silicone, strung on organic cotton cord, and closed with a snap clasp. The bracelet also doubles perfectly as a chewable distraction for a teething baby in your care!

Our Big Kid/Adult Small size has five beads plus a small accent bead on each side of the Medal, with an inner circumference of approximately 6". It offers a close fit on a 6" wrist, and is designed for ages 7 and up approximately.