Animo: Fearless Truth Booster Pack

Animo Games - June 7, 2023
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive

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Product Description

Animo launches is most ambitious expansion yet!

In FEARLESS, collect over 120 all-new collectible playing cards including 40 holographic rares, 12 alternate, full-art cards and much more! Each card in the FEARLESS expansion depicts a scripture verse or reference which pertains specifically to faith, hope, courage, or overcoming fear. The BOOSTER PACK is a great way to obtain a random assortment of cards to add to your collection! Fearless Booster Packs contain 12 randomly inserted game cards and are guaranteed to contain 1 foil card in every pack. Cards from the FEARLESS expansion are fully cross compatibale with other (past and future) Animo card sets. 

(Image on the outer sleeve of the booster pack may vary)