Bible Phonics Plus Level 2 (6-8 Years)

Bible Phonics Plus - May 2, 2018
Ages: Children
Audiences: Child, Teachers


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Product Description

Bible Phonics Plus is the only faith-based learning program of its kind in the world. It integrates state-of-the-art learning technology with Bible principles introducing your child to a new, exciting world of easy reading and positive life-changing values.

Imagine your child reading and just enjoying the experience.

Imagine your child comfortably recognizing letters and letter-sounds.

Imagine your child reading and pronouncing words long before other children in their age group.

Bible Phonics Plus follows the scientific guidelines developed over the years by the world's most respected reading specialists: PHONICS, PHONEMIC AWARENESS, VOCABULARY BUILDING, COMPREHENSION & FLUENCY. At the same time we foster your child's cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development.

Elements of LEVEL 2 – 6-8 years:

Long Vowels Workbook
Blends and Digraphs Workbook

Our Savior is Born
The Shepherd King
The Exodus 

Long vowels song
R-controlled vowels song
Consonant Digraphs song
Beginning Blends song
Ending Blends song

Elisha the Prophet
Samson the Judge
Jonah the Prophet
Peter the Fisherman
Night of the Last Supper
Sight words 2 (grade 1-3)
Sight words 3 (grade 1-3)
Frequently used words 3 (grades 1-3)
Frequently used words 4 (grades 1-3)

Level 2 Parent/Teacher's Guide
Set of Bible Phonics Plus Reward Stickers