Animo: Living Deck Bible Verse Game - Starter Deck

Animo Games LLC - August 12, 2019
Group: Summer Activities

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Product Description

  • Animo: Living Deck Bible Verse Game offers a new Christian trading card game experience!
  • 2 Games in 1! Play "Hide it in your Heart" with up to 5 people OR more advanced gamers can play the game "Sharpen Your Sword", a 2-player turn based strategy game where each player uses their own deck
  • Each character contains an attribute accompanied by a supporting Bible Verse!
  • Starter Deck includes 24 unique virtuous Animo characters, 14 Sinnie characters, 8 Story cards, 12 Power cards, 1 Instruction booklet, 12 punch-out power tokens, 2 turn reference cards, 6 score cards, all in a sturdy magnetic-closure box!
  • Great verse of the day / verse memorization tool for kids!
  • Game Box Dimensions: 4"x1.25"x3"