Stations of the Cross Story Book

Nancy Bandzuch, Catholic Sprouts - March 17, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781733677585
Book Format: Paperback
Brand: Catholic Sprouts
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Product Description

The Stations of the Cross Story Book is a family-friendly version of the Stations of the cross that can be read as a story book or used for the formal Way of the Cross Devotion.

It was our goal to create a stations of the cross book that a child might pick up and read on their own as they do with any other story book.

The printed book includes the following for each station of the cross:
• Family-Friendly Image of the Station of the Cross
• Short description of the station.
• Powerful Challenge
• Short Prayer.

The book is a paperback with a thick, durable, coated cover. The pages are vibrantly printed in full-color.