Set A Fire - Lent Devotional

Blessed Is She, Blessed Is She - January 11, 2021
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The 2021 Lent Devotional / Journal is called Set a Fire. We believe every woman can fully live her life when she’s guided by the Holy Spirit. Give this book as a gift to help encourage the woman in your life to go deeper into Lent this year.

So join me, would you? Join me in opening up our hearts to His strong embrace, His passion as fierce as the grave which desires to envelop you and me. Join me in placing our God at the center of our hearts to set them aflame with His presence and live in the freedom of His love. // Jenna Guizar

Each week, we read an essay on the week’s theme, two personal stories, and meditate over two Scripture selections with questions. On the weekend, we turn our prayer to traditional prayers from the holy women and men of the Church. We invite you to sit in the quiet on Sundays to open your heart to docility to the Holy Spirit.

Jenna Guizar // ash wednesday week // Jesus came to bring fire
Tricia Tembreull // week 1 of lent // revelation of God in our lives
Elise Howe // week 2 of lent // make an offering of our lives
Sarah Ortiz // week 3 of lent // receive the Holy Spirit into our lives
Mary Catherine Craige // week 4 of lent // embrace suffering in all of life’s circumstances
Ginny Kubitz Moyer // week 5 of lent // experience transformation through His love
Olivia Spears // Holy Week // Jesus’ sacrifice changes everything for our lives

This book is well-suited for personal use and group sharing, and also a great gift for a sister or family member hoping to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Wherever you are on the journey of your relationship with Our Lord, this book will assist you going further and deeper accompanied by the beauty of our Catholic Faith and Holy Scripture.

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