Miraculous Medal Ring

Little Flower Jewels - November 10, 2023


UPC # 3760366930171

Product Description

This ring is made with the Miraculous Mary Medal of the Chapel "Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal" in Paris, where the very first Miraculous Mary Medal has been made. The Virgin Mary told St. Catherine Labouré that anyone who wore this medal would receive many miracles.

I surrounded it with a crown of natural handpicked flowers.

My hope is that the hands, adorned with this ring, will be inspired by the gentleness of Mary in their gestures. Our hands are the instruments of grace in our world !

  • Adjustable open ring in sterling silver, suitable from size 5.5 to 9.5.
  • Golden miraculous medal 0.39 in high (at that size the sentence is suggested but not readable).
  • Natural flowers of various colors.
  • The Miraculous Medal is visible only on one side.
  • Sterling silver can slightly oxidize over time, rubbing it with a simple soft cloth restores its shine effortlessly.
  • Sent in a beautiful gift box with an inspirational card.