Emmanuel: A Christmas Feast Devotional

Blessed Is She, Blessed Is She - November 12, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781735629339
Book Format: Hardcover
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive


UPC # 9781735629339

Product Description

This Christmas season, we invite you to feast along with the Universal Church and the Blessed is She community with Emmanuel: A Christmas Feast by Laura Kelly Fanucci. It’s the perfect way to dive deeper into Who Jesus is throughout the entire Christmas season.

Complete with six original full-color paintings depicting Jesus in His various roles, this beautiful hardcover book is a treasure for you and your loved ones to enjoy year after year.

Details: 9.5×11.5, hardcover, full color printing on glossy pages

Beautiful art painted by Jess of The Living Heart Co, and laid out and designed by Michelle Slough.