Catholic Coffee: Saint Valentine Raspberry White Mocha (Ground, 12oz)

Trinity Road - November 3, 2023


UPC # x9700048G

Product Description

Taste: Fruity and bright Raspberry with white chocolate undertones.
Roast: Medium Roast
Grind: Ground
Region: Single Origin Nicaraguan

Catholic tradition has long honored St. Valentine as the patron saint of romance and courtly love. On his feast day this year, delight your coffee-loving special someone with a 12oz bag of flavored medium roast coffee. The Raspberry White Mocha flavor is both aromatic and delicious, ensuring that you'll have a sweet Valentine's Day with your better half. St. Valentine was an early Christian priest and martyr who remains famous as the patron saint of love, happy marriages, and soon-to-be married couples. Legend says that when a Roman emperor forbade his soldiers to be married - fearing that married soldiers would be unwilling to risk death and leave their wives widows - Valentine married couples in secret. His soft spot for lovers has never been forgotten. This blend is bursting with juicy raspberry and notes of vanilla and white mocha. It's a delicious way to show your loved ones you care!